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In the next few chapters where they are in WI, do you wish to have Ashley and Kelly more involved in the story line?

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News And Updates:

  • FEBRUARY 12, 2017 – HAPPY NEW YEAR, HAPPY VALENTINE’S ♥ DAY. And, Oh Yeah – A NEW CHAPTER OF MBS IS FINALLY HERE! Seriously, chapter 29 is done. I’m very embarrassed that it took me almost a YEAR to get this written, but I hope it was worth the wait.   You can tell me the truth, I’m a big girl, I mean – boy.   READ IT HERE or just use the menus above! Enjoy it! PDF link available on the MBS CH 29 page itself.  Go, go, GO! ♥
  • November 12, 2016: A bit of a teaser…
  • photo_20161112_210025
  • I haven’t done this since high school.  Work on Chapter 29 has begun, old school style.  If you can read my crappy writing, the above is page 1 of a very rough outline.  Don’t worry, I will be typing this up as usual for the final version. I just got my copy of Office 2016 Pro through work for a whopping $10.   Just wanted to show you all that I am working on chapter 29 and still hope to have it done by Thanksgiving! Stay tuned!    –SD79

  • March 27, 2016: Hoppy Happy EASTER – The Easter Bunny Has a TREAT for you!

    • Just in time for Easter.  Chapter 28 is here! I once again apologize for the almost 8 month gap between chapters. Life has been crazy again. Besides Ch. 28 being done, there are some new things to look forward to soon. This site will be getting a complete overhaul. I’ll be switching from WordPress to Joomla 3.   And of  course I’m going to try and get 29 out before July 4th, LOL.  Enjoy!  Read it here or download the .doc!
  • August 9, 2015

    • Oh my goodness!  CHAPTER 27 is FINALLY here. I’d post a big list of excuses for why it took so long… but you all know my life right now is busy and crazy. Thanks to the loyal readers out there who have stuck with me during all the craziness!  It ends in a cliffhanger and you’re going to hate me for that, but I promise it’ll only keep getting better as I continue! 🙂    Hopefully 28 won’t take me 4 months. Hopefully. 
    • I originally wanted to release 3 chapters at once but…. sorry, life gets in the way. Go read 27. It’s pretty lengthy at least.  
  • MARCH 14th, 2015

    • Ya”ll know what day it is….. the day we have been waiting for for many many many years now….. no its not a new chapter, no justin beiber didnt die in a car accident (but he did kill someone… seriously…. thats some real bs) TODAY IS PI DAY!!
    • 3.14.15

  • March 7th, 2015 – NEW DONATION OPTION 

    • The Writing of Chapter 27 is underway, but that is not what i am here to talk about. I am calling out to all artists… anyone who can draw. If you cant afford to donate, I am looking for art pieces of scenes, and the main characters. This will be a good donation if you cannot afford to send in money. If you are an artist, or know one who would be willing, please send your art drawings to Please and Thank You – Zorath and SD
    • IMG026534
  • March 3rd, 2015 – The Zorath Update

    • Doubtful that anyone actually cares about me, or really even knows who i am. Regardless, as some of you may know, my name is Zorath. I run behind the scenes, updating the website, posting new chapters, posting updates from time to time, designing the girl’s rooms, making schedules for school… you know… behind the scenes. Now that i think about it makes sense for people to not care about me… because no one knows who I am….. heh, funny. Besides the point, I also help SD think of new ideas for the story. I do believe I am the reason why we are not still tuck on Chapter 22. I’ve been able to get close enough to SD to kick his butt into gear every time he slacks off. 
    • Chapter 26 is out, and the next couple chapters will be a real doozie, and very fun for fans of SD’s work. Catch up on MBS, and if you’re bored and have read it multiple times like I have, why don’t you catch up on Ashley’s Diaper Adventures, or my own Story, Scientific Religion? (click zorath’s corner above to access it.)
    • Now – if you’ve managed to get this far…. congrats….. but here’s the boring stuff I just have to get off my chest: A couple months ago, I moved from Wisconsin to Oregon. Beautiful place, but I honestly didn’t know anyone around here. Skip ahead a couple months, and now im happily dating my girlfriend (who looks adorable as hell in a diapee btw) and working two jobs to make good money. I’m just so excited, soon my girlfriend and I may be going on a trip back to Wisconsin. Just the two of us…. on a trip…. to WISCONSIN.
  • March 1st, 2015

    • FINALLY, after a long wait Chapter 26 has been completed. Check it out now! I apologize for the wait, I’ve been busy pulling my hair out looking for a job, and i finally found a job i enjoy. I’ll be doing Tech Support for a really nice company. I’ve even found a friend at the new company… small world! I may turn the Brittney and Alysa part into a bonus chapter for later, but there is a plan ahead for the next couple chapters, so it will have to wait. Tell us what you think in the comments, and stay tuned for the next episode of Maddie’s Big Secret… (The big event is coming… Tell us what you think it is!)
  • February 10th, 2015 –

     NOTICE – Unfortunately, due to unseen circumstances, and me trying to find a way to pay my bills, Chapter 26 may be delayed until further notice. Zorath is making sure I don’t make it a 6 month wait between chapters, so don’t fret. There is a big surprise for the next couple chapters that you fans since the beginning may enjoy. Stay tuned!

  • January 4th, 2015 –

           Dear Diary, today I finally managed to finish chapter 25 of MBS, and have shared it with the world as a late New Years Present. Im hoping everyone will enjoy it and comment on what was a long chapter. I wanted it out by Christmas, but due to me getting sick, i just couldn’t do it. I hope to release 26 before Valentine’s day, but no promises. I have a big plan in store for the next couple chapters! – SD


    • Well,, many of you have been expecting a new chapter by the end of 2014, which you WILL be getting, if you read below, but sadly, due to SD getting sick, me moving from Wisconsin to Oregon, and the Holidays, only a little bit has gotten done this final month of 2014. We could release what we have currently as part 1 of two, but we are debating on that. some of you may like it, and some of you may not. 
    • NOW for the good news…. there is a new chapter right now available on the site. NO, its not a new chapter for Madison’s Big Secret, but in fact… for Ashley’s Diaper Adventures. Now, underneath the Ashley’s Diaper Adventures link on the right side, there can be found Ashley’s Diaper Adventures 2 – The Lost Chapters. Held within is the unfinished story Ashley’s Secret, the formerly lost sequel to Ashley’s Diaper Adventures. Thank you to one of our faithful readers for being smart and saving them! Now the entire community can read them… even me! 
    • So, be on the lookout for Chapter 25, which will be release possibly today (it is the 31st for me… finally 12:15 at time of post) or more likely during the month of January.
    • Thank you for replying, and commenting that you still enjoy reading this, while it may have been during one of SD’s worse moments, it has been brought to my attention that more people that we thought actually enjoy reading every-time a new chapter is released. When no one comments, we have no way to check if people are actually viewing said page, so We have no idea if a million people are reading, or absolutely none. While writing is best when you get a form of Self-Satisfaction, happiness is always best when shared with others. So PLEASE, even if its just a simple “I love reading this story!” comment, PLEASE COMMENT, let us know you still read and enjoy the story. We would also LOVE to hear any story suggestions, you can email them to Cheers Mates, – ZORATH
      • Thanksgiving is a time to be thankful for what you have. We wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving tomorrow, but before you eat that turkey dinner, We encourage you to check out chapter 24, released just this morning. I have to thank Zorath, because without him, I’d probably be still stuck on writing chapter 23. He’s pushed me, and helped me work out all the sharp edges of writing. So, without further ado. Chapter 24!
      • We wonder if we should release an update to everyone’s email, but with only a very few people signed up to receive chapter updates… is it worth it? All it takes is entering your email above, clicking subscribe, and verifying your email to get instant updates and notifications when a new chapter comes out. There will be no abuse of any kind to this service, as it will only be used to send new important updates and information. 1 email per chapter released. (at the current rate about once every month)
      • Final update since Chapter 23 – Paypal. If you don’t want to pay for Patreon, and its much easier for you to donate a couple bucks here, a couple bucks there, it will surely help me in the long run, as I will need to get a new computer soon, if I want to keep writing on a speed like this. Thanks everybody!
      • Elementary Schedules – a New Page, made just for chapter 24! See Madison’s, Britney’s, and Emily’s Schedules!
    • Zorath Here, i’m pushing SD to release chapter 24, but while you all wait and enjoy your soon to be fattening Thanksgiving dinners, We have a little teaser we worked up for you. Between Emily’s Diary and Chapter 1 of MBS, is a new Link called Elementary Schedules. Click it, and you can see and compare the schedules of all 3 girls. In chapter 13, the Halloween chapter, it was revealed that Emily had both 2nd hour and 5th hour together, and during the Christmas Chapter, it was revealed that Madison and Britney has Choir together, now you as viewers get to see the entire schedules. Enjoy, and don’t forget to check out Patreon, Zorath’s Corner, and type in your email above, and click submit, so you can be emailed when Chapter 24, and more chapters will be released!!
  • 11/01/2014 — Okay so I really wanted to give you a Halloween present and release Chapter 23 on Halloween. Well, technically I finished the last sentence at 23:55 on 10/31 but then I had to proofread and fix errors and do finishing touches so… it’s a few hours delayed.  But enough with the small talk.  After ONLY 1 year, 3 months, and 24 days I am pleased to announce: 
  • MBS CHAPTER TWENTY-THREE IS HERE!!!! A whopping 16 pages of soggy, wet silliness (and some drama, too) awaits. GO READ IT. And then, get hungry for MORE. Because the writing train is NOT stopping. Check out what my new admin is up to at ZORATH’S CORNER and go read something there while you wait for chapter 24!  And, if you haven’t already — read on below about how you can help fund this story!   IT IS SO FREAKING GOOD TO BE BACK!     -SD
  • 10/30/2014 – SD Recently signed up for Patreon, and I’ve made a page that links to it. Check it out, up on top, right after My Corner (Zorath’s Corner). I myself am donating $10 everytime he updates, I challenge all of you to donate $10 or more! ALSO INCLUDE right above of this post, is a way to be notified of new chapter updates. No more will you have to check back every couple months and realize you’ve missed something important. – Zorath
  • 10/24/2014   —  I have some good news. No, chapter 23 isn’t done. However, it IS in process. I’ve got a few pages typed up and am going back to do more right now. Just wanted to say a few things.  Some of you who actually read these updates may recall me saying I’ve met a new friend who is helping me out.  He goes by the name of Zorath and now has admin rights here. He will be “hiding” in the shadows, approving and responding to comments that I may not always have time to answer. Please feel free to ask anything, but be warned that no “spoilers” will be given and questions of “when’s the next chapter coming out?!?!” will be deleted and ignored.  
  • NEW section added, ZORATH’S Corner (see it on the main tab menu on top) – a place to ask questions and interact.   Okay, enough messing around. I’ve got writing to do!  Damn, that feels good. 🙂
  • ZORATH: SD and I have agreed, And I’ve been working on a new download system for this site. It is in the process of testing, so please, if you have already downloaded ADA, or have yet to download it – please feel free to download it again. If this works well, I will have MBS as a downloadable DOC from Chapter 1-22. 23 is coming people!!
  • 09/28/2014   —  Still alive. No, no new chapters to report.  I just got done approving comments from the past year and I have to say I am pretty disappointed in a lot of you, those who claim to be “fans.”   I get comments from people being knit-picky and picking apart everything I write — it’s like okay… Who’s the author here? If you think you can do such a better job — SHUT UP and go do it. No one’s stopping you. Some of you need to remember some things.  I did NOT start writing this for ANYONE.  A friend of mine who I showed the first 3 chapters of MBS to begged and begged me to show it to the world. I was reluctant to — but I did it.  And now I’m having regrets.   So keep this in mind. I write this story mainly for me and a few very close friends of mine.  If what I’m doing or how I’m doing it really ticks you off so much — go start your own story. Or, maybe… just maybe — be a little nicer to me if you really want to see me continue this. This entire year so far has been nothing but HELL for me and you all seriously need to just calm the hell down. Let me work out my issues and then I will be back to write more awesome stuff. THAT much I can promise you. But you all need to back off a little. This is NOT my “day job.” I can not spend every waking moment writing. I wish I could but I can’t. Yes I’m open to suggestions and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism but leave your attitude at the door! 


About This Site:

ShatteredDreams’ is the author of the famous regression story, Ashley’s Diaper Adventures. This site serves two main functions: 1) an archive for the completed story, ADA.  2) A site to showcase SD’s newer, work in progress works of fiction. Currently, this includes Madison’s Big Secret. 

If you are unsure what a diaper regression story is, I suggest you keep an open mind and do some research (i.e. Google).  While these stories involve children, they do not involve sexual situations with children and adults. These are not incest stories. The whole point of regressive fiction is for the reader to identify with the child. It is a fantasy for those who enjoy imagining themselves as that child. It is in no way meant to be sexual or perverted. These stories are legal and you will not get in trouble for possessing them.

Now that we have THAT out of the way… Use the menu to navigate which story / chapters you want to read or download.

Enjoy. PLEASE use the comment system for Madison’s Big Secret.  If you like what you are reading or have suggestions, comment and let us know.  Ashley’s Diaper Adventures is copyright 1996-2002 by ShatteredDreams.   Madison’s Big Secret is copyright 2007-2014 by SD, No1special, and Zorath. These stories cannot be distributed or re-posted without the author’s direct written permission.

100 thoughts on “Home

  • Jesica shea says:

    This is one of the best stories that i have ever read. I think the biggest reason i enjoy this story soo much is because of Brittney because my mother was the same type of mother aside from the father figure and drugs she and i had the same life. i love that her bestfriends family has taken her in because having lived through that i know how hard the other option could have been for her.

  • paul says:

    ihaven’t red a story in a long time that made me laugh and cry. this is a well thought out story. keep up the good work, i look forward to the new chapters.

  • vic says:

    more updates please great story very enjoyable

  • chris cortise says:

    Hey! You know what could be so good with Story that Madison, Britney, Emily stayed at Madison home and get home school that would be so cool!
    And that Britney can still go to preschool for a while. That would be so cool of the story
    please consider writing something like that. Okay . Your stories are so good and I think homeschool would be so cool to read about and aunt Kate could be the teacher
    thank you chris

    • shattered says:

      Hi, thanks for your idea. While this could be “fun,” I just don’t see home school happening anytime soon. Part of what keeps things interesting is to see how each girl deals with wearing diapers to school… It can’t ALL be fun and games or the story would get boring. 🙂

  • Thank you so much ShatteredDreems for writing ADA and MBS. I have read ADA several times and I still think it’s totally awesome. Please keep working on your other stories as well they are all really good.
    Brittney and Emily are my favorite characters from MBS. I believe Ashley is my favorite from the ADA series. Thank you once more for bringing them to life in your works of art known as your stories.

    • shattered says:

      Aww, thank you very much! It’s comments like these that keep me motivated to continue on! Thank you, really. I love reading feedback like this. I’ve never considered my writing to be an “art form” before, but I suppose it is. I’m not good at physical art like drawing but I suppose I have a gift for painting pictures with words. I give credit for being right-minded (which means I’m left handed), LOL.

  • chris cortise says:

    when will we get to see chapter 22?
    I hope soon the story are life like even makes me real cry I even fill like I’m a part of what the girls are going through
    I had a Mother just like Brittney’s Mom Just yelled at us I was also bed witter until I left Home age was 20years old I Love the stories.

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your kind words. I would very much like to get chapter 22 done soon. Sadly, my life has been pretty hectic lately. I am trying to find a better career (job) because the one I have right now is so demanding, I get so burned out I have no motivation or energy to write as much as I used to. I’m also trying out a new online marketing venture to try and make more money so I can hopefully quit my J-O-B and do this online business full time.

      Sorry for my rambling — but my point is — please bear with me! I want to get chapter 22 (and more) done just as soon as you do, trust me.

  • Yellow says:

    Best story i’ve read in years (since ashley’s adventures). Hope for many chapters to follow. Made me laugh and made me cry. Can’t believe the sweetness of Madison. If you can think of a character like that as an author you must be a very good person. I regained some trust in that there are some positive and rightious people left in this world, thanks to you.

  • Julie says:

    Nice new chapter! Hope things are going better for you now, and that you’re able to find a job that doesn’t stress you out.

    Still waiting for a life sign from you. Please get back to me if you feel you’re able to do so.

  • M.R. says:

    Wasn’t there a sequel to ADA? I found it at one point but haven’t been able find it for a while. Thanks in advance.

    • shattered says:

      Yes I started a sequel story and it was to be called Ashley’s Secret. I wrote two chapters of it but after many years of having no new ideas for the saga, I decided to give up on it. In 2007 I got the idea in my head for MBS and a new story was born. I really wish I could write these stories full time but for now… I write when I can. Sorry to say but I don’t think the sequel to ADA will ever re-surface. I just lost interest in that whole story line and decided I wanted to start something new. It’s nice to see an old loyal fan, though. 🙂

  • PK says:

    Good to see you around SD, any chance for another chapter of this soon?

  • Nohbdy says:

    Can you please post ADA on this site? I use my 3ds and/or phone to read MBS. And also, Is there ways to induce lucid dreams easily?

    • shattered says:

      ADA is on this site. See the Ashley’s Diaper Adventures section on the top of the page.

      Lucid dreaming is difficult. I haven’t had a lucid dream regarding this subject matter in over a year. 🙁 There’s no easy way to initiate one. For me they would just happen but I think because my life has been so crazy lately and I’ve been suffering from deep depression, the dreams have stopped. Blah.

  • joshua says:

    where can i find the sequel to ashleys diaper adventure

    • shattered says:

      You can’t. It no longer exists. It was scrapped due to lack of interest from both me and my audience at the time. That’s why MBS was “born.”

  • Stephen says:

    When are you going to post chapter 23? I want to read chapter 23…

    • shattered says:

      You and everyone else.

      It will be done when I can get a chance to get it done. I’m sorry but that’s all I can say right now. My life is in the crapper right now and I’m desperately trying to get out of that situation.

  • Stflorian says:

    So it has been a one year gap between chapters now.

    • shattered says:

      Great observation there, Capt. Obvious. Yes it’s been over a year. I have a life. A very crazy one right now. Is anyone paying me to do this? Is there a gun to my head telling me I need to finish ch 23 or else? NO. Are you going to die because you haven’t gotten to read it yet? NO. That’s right, NO. R-E-L-A-X. Good things come to those who wait.

  • Cap says:

    I can only hope that you’ll continue this. I’ll go insane if I don’t get either
    A) permission to continue this on a different site
    B) get you to rekindle your determination, and continue yourself to write this here.
    Please contact me at

    • shattered says:

      Wait, what? You want to finish writing MBS? Sorry, but no. This is my “baby” and I have not abandoned it. I’ve just been busy. Life sucks and it really sucks now but as SOON as I am able I WILL be getting back to writing more chapters. You cannot have the “rights” to it, sorry. I will continue to write just as soon as I can. All I can say right now.

  • christopher cortise says:

    Hi all:

    It’s almost Christmas time? When will chapter 23, chapter 24, chapter 25, be done? It’s been almost a year since any new stories has been posted?

    Don’t you get vacation time? Is there going be any more stories? Babies are waiting for their new stories about 3 girls in diapers!

    Thank you baby Christopher

    • shattered says:

      Dude… Considering the fact that you wrote this comment on August 29th and I just now had a chance to approve it — doesn’t that kind of tell you my life if freaking crazy at this point?
      Let’s go over some things quickly.

      1) I do not get paid to write this story. I’ve said it a million times. If I could get paid enough to do this full time and have new chapters out every week…I’d do it in a heartbeat. But in reality, that’s just not possible.

      2)The reason why when the story started I was able to pump out about a chapter every 2 weeks is because at the time my life wasn’t as crazy and I was working a pretty low-key job which allowed me to pretty much sit around doing nothing but typing on my laptop (writing this story). It was a 3rd shift job and basically out of an 8 hour shift I had about 30 minutes of actual “work” to do and the rest was I was just a warm body sitting there making sure the place didn’t blow up. Well, sadly I no longer work that job. Third shift was killing me. I never slept. So I had to take a day job and worked that for almost a year. It was one of the most stressful and mentally demanding jobs I’ve ever had. So around June of this year things took an even bigger turn when my wife of 10 years told me she no longer wants to be married. So, I’m now dealing with depression from work and the fact that the past 10 years of my life have pretty much been bullshit… Yeah. I’m not going into details. I ended up moving out and finding a better job… But I’m still busy as hell and until things calm down a bit — I just don’t know when I’ll be able to have the time I need to become that writing machine that I once was. Hopefully sooner than later, okay?

      3) Right now I don’t get vacation time because I just started this job in July. But that doesn’t mean I can’t write. Some other things need to calm down though…

      4) All I can say is… patience is a virtue. If I could quit my job and get paid to write full time, I totally would. But that’s just not gonna happen. Sorry.

  • Beth says:

    I wish you would post your other stories including Ashley’s Big Secret and continue the work.

    • shattered says:

      *sigh* *eyeroll*

      Good GOD… We’ve been over this SO MANY TIMES. So here is the last time I will say it.

      Ashley’s Secret was scrapped due to a lack of interest in both me (the author) and a majority of its audience (apparently you and a few others are the exception). That means after writing 2 chapters, I gave up on it. I did not want to continue it because I really felt like 80 chapters about Ashley and Kelly were more than enough. The sequel started out nice but after chapter 2 I was just like “blah… this is going to get so boring.” There comes a time with stories like this where you really can’t keep going on and on. And this is why I started a new story with new characters and new situations. Despite my hectic life and being unable to write for over a year, I think MBS has been FAR more successful than Ashley’s Secret would have been. Seriously, even if I had written 20+ chapters of AS, it would have gotten so old and dry that even I would not want to keep it going. That’s NOT how I feel about MBS. I have many more ideas and plans for it… I just need the time.

  • To the individuals on here with zero patients:
    I have just spent the last few minutes reading the comments in regards to MBS. At first, all the comments and shattered’s responses to people were positive. However as time passed, the more recent comments have all seemed to be highly demanding. In response to the wining shattered’s reply’s to individuals have been understandably exasperated.
    Look I totally understand that some people are very eager for MBS to be continued. I am to, believe me. But just because everybody wants more of this story right this bloody second and not a second later, so does not mean that you or anyone else for that matter is going to get it.
    Like shattered keeps saying over and over again he has a life and right now it sounds like it is a living nightmare. So please stop harassing the man and give him time to get his life together. If people keep hounding him, than there is a damn good chance that when he does get the time he will never finish MBS. Why you ask, because the fans have turned into a pack of mutations. We may be ABs but we are all capable of acting like adults. So for the love of God and shattered’s sanity quit acting like impatient children and act like the adults and or young adults that I know you are.

    • n3cr0zorath says:

      SD approves this and so do I

    • shattered says:

      Thank you so much for saying this. It is refreshing to see this kind of support. It’s like I said — I don’t mind constructive criticism. But this constant bickering and negativity is only going to make me feel worse and worse about all of this.

      For those of you who have been patient and understanding — I thank you. I want to stress again that I DO want to keep this project going. And it IS in the works as we speak. I have met a new friend who has given me ideas and words of encouragement. I am dealing with my *real life* issues. Things can and will turn around. Just please. Have P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E. Thank you.

  • n3cr0zorath says:

    You see, to all you readers: Not being able to write, usually means you have a life. We are not all 12 year olds who don’t have a job and get free money from our parents. Some of the best writers have been through college, or are going through it. Some work multiple jobs, and use the writing as a way to alleviate stress. SD just has had a lot on his mind recently, and as he says in a late comment post: Has been through a bad divorce. Have any of you kids been divorced and then try writing? Im going to assume not. Just calm down, and use the resources given to you, and either wait, or offer assistance and ideas… stop complaining that a new chapter isn’t out yet… trust me as a writer, it makes you feel like shit and makes you want to stop writing. If you want a chapter out, stop being so picky and offer suggestions on what may happen… you never know when a suggestion could finish a chapter.

  • M.R. says:

    A new chapter coming soon? Cool. May have to check in a little more often.

    • Zorath Org says:

      Yup, i’m doing my best to push SD to pull some good writing out of his butt…. Hes doing good so far, but i might have to bring out the whip, lol

  • DR says:

    I remember you from I was wondering, do you know of any new site? Ever since KS shut down I haven’t found much.

    • Zorath Org says: is now, I am not sure if this helps any, SD is in the process of writing at this moment, so I hope that helps.

    • shattered says:

      At you will have to register and post a message in the “Guests / New Members, Apply For Membership” thread. Just a quick message that you used to be a member as KS. If you remember, post what your username at KS was. Otherwise, you can say you were referred by me (SD) from and I told you to go apply. It’s switched to a private members’ only site now due to obvious reasons. 🙂

  • PK says:

    Everyone needs to sign up for the Patreon! Nothing will speed up the process like a little $$ motivation.

    More than worth it.

    • Zorath Org says:

      Like I said, I’m daring all of you to donate more than me… I highly recommend you donate at least $25, because then you will have the opportunity to submit an idea that WILL appear in a future chapter of MBS (with possible modifications)

  • Anonymous Person says:

    I think your “subscribe via rss” button isn’t working very well. It comes up it doesn’t have any style to it. Just FYI.

    • Zorath Org says:

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      I most certainly DO love writing this story and in my heart and soul I DO want to keep it going. What I posted early this morning was very rude and selfish of me. Writing it not what’s making my life miserable. In fact, writing is like therapy for me. I’m going to be 100% honest with you all. I suffer from depression and during certain times of the year it gets worse. Being winter, this is one of my “bad” times. I posted what I did during extreme lack of sleep (thank you, insomnia) and I should know better to just keep my mouth shut. But because I couldn’t sleep, my mind was racing with thoughts… and I was just feeling bummed and like whatever I do — whether it be writing or job related — just doesn’t seem to go appreciated. I can see now that I was wrong and that these again were stupid thoughts I should have just ignored. So, I’m sorry for that little outburst. It won’t happen again. My original post has been deleted. I’m not stopping. MBS will continue, full sail. Ch 25 will be done before the 25th as a nice Xmas present to you all.

      Finally, THANK YOU ALL for your support. I’ve gotten some comments via e-mail as well and I am truly grateful for all of you. Certainly not looking for attention but it is nice to know we have an audience. That’s all I really needed to see.

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      Thanks for your support. I’m happy to tell you I’ve finally landed a job. That pays money. I start early this week. And Ch 26 is out, hot off the presses. We will begin working on the next which will contain lots of fun and more crazy, diapered adventures. 🙂 Stay tuned.

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      Hi MD890,

      Thanks for your suggestions. I do have plans for Madison to “regress” more. I’ve already started slowly introducing that. I mean at the beginning of the story she’d want nothing to do with pacifiers or anything remotely babyish. Now she seems to be liking things like that more and more and allowing her Mom to “baby” her is a big step. You will see more of this in the next few chapters. Lots of fun and shenanigans are planned, LOL. 🙂

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      At this point and time, with SD’s new job, I am trying to push him to write 27, 28, and 29 all at once so i can upload them a month apart and he wont have to worry for awhile. I can promise the possibility of a couple bonus chapters may be seen in MBS’s future, including 26.5, but otherwise I dont see any new updates. Apologies

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      1) Kelly – I do have plans to reveal more about her and how she’s still very much an AB/DL. So you should like that.
      I honestly didn’t have plans for her to get into diapers. I mean, there are enough girl characters in this story that love diapers. There has to be an antagonist here and there. That’s all part of a good piece of fiction. I am considering the idea of having Ashley “punish” Cori for always making fun of her little sister (more spoilers) and possibly Emily/Britney — by making her wear (and use) a diaper for 6 hours straight… But she’d absolutely hate it and it would at least keep her from picking on the younger girls… That’s the idea, so far.

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