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Ashley’s Diaper Adventures

Ashley’s Diaper Adventures is an 80 chapter fiction story involving the life of Ashley Roberts. The story begins with Ashley being seven years old. She is a pretty average little girl, but develops a bed-wetting problem.  Not wanting her parents to know, she decides to sneak one of her little sisters diapers one night so she won’t wet her bed sheets and pajamas.   Upon putting on the diaper, she falls in love with them, and eventually begins to regress and do other babyish things.   Eventually, her parents find out…. And Ashley must deal with the consequences.   Give them up…. or go 24/7.  Read the story to find out what happens!


Download The Story Here (working as of 7-22-15)

ada.doc      MS Word Document. Right click and choose “Save As…”



19 thoughts on “Ashley’s Diaper Adventures

  • Diaper lover says:

    I love this story keep it up I’m only 12 u??

  • Charles says:

    I love the story and I love diapers to

  • me says:

    Wow. I think that story was complete by the turn of last millenium. I remember reading it, starting in 1997. I wouldn’t expect a new chapter anytime soon. 🙁

  • A says:

    It won’t let me read it on mobile… Could you email it to me?

  • Anonymous says:

    What is the website for the sequel??? I want to read it.

    • shattered says:

      There is no sequel. Consider it gone for good. At one time, many years ago you may have seen this thing called Ashley’s Secret that was 2 chapters long. It’s gone. Deleted. I did NOT keep copies, therefore I cannot put it online. 80 chapters of ADA was enough. There’s only so much you can do in a diaper/regression story with the same group of characters and scenery. It was time to let it go and start something new. I suggest you “let it go,” too.

  • CodyBaby says:

    That story is awesome, wish there was more of this kind of story, but it seems nowadays people never create stories involving little ones, I really enjoy it when the characters are under 10 yrs old, makes most stories much more realistic to me and they can include baby/toddler items more easy, some car seat can be used on kids up to 10 yrs old, but it wouldn’t work if this was an adult or teenager, since I love when baby items are used, its hard to find good stories theses days,

    • shattered says:

      I appreciate your comment and understand your concerns. While my “newer” story MBS does contain “tween” characters, I think you may still find it enjoyable. I’m going to introduce some younger characters soon, too. (oops, spoiler alert)

  • Whitefang says:

    Honestly guys shattered is working really hard on stories that we ALL enjoyed and about sixty percent of these comments are about how she didn’t do enough…I think everyone should take a step back and realize just how much heart that shattered puts into these stories

  • Faith in Blood says:

    I downloaded ADA but I can’t read it

  • Rammsteinfan says:

    Too bad it’s not available anymore, the Madison story is a great one, would love to read this one.

    • shattered says:

      Sorry about that. When we moved web-hosts some files got lost. I’ll try to get the ADA doc back on here soon.

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